About Us

We are Hispanic-Americans who live primarily in San Antonio, Texas, and believe that every child is worthy of encouragement, guidance, and support in his or her quest to lead and serve.

We come from a heritage of God, family, and country that calls us to motivate and empower the next generation.

We harness the power of sports–the discipline of conditioning, the synergy of teamwork, and the challenge of competition–to develop personal skills, self-esteem, and integrity.

Just as our forebears worked hard to build a better community for the future, we commit our leadership, resources, and efforts to finance scholarships, establish effective relationships with institutions of higher learning, and mentor youth.

All our members are volunteers; we have no employees. All proceeds from fundraisers are used for scholarships or for mentoring of the scholarship recipients.

Board of Directors

Gilbert G. Arias – Board Executive Secretary

Joe Cortez – Board Member at Large and President; co-founder

Danny Cortez — Board Member at Large

Pauli Garcia — Board Member at Large

Ruben Martinez, CPA—Board Treasurer

Kenneth Saks, J.D. – Board Member at Large and Vice President

Richard V. Silva – Board Member at Large

Wayne F. Yakes, M.D. – Chairman of the Board


Advisory Board

Victor Rodriguez, PhD; co-founder; Hall of Honor

Barney Smith; owner of SmithPrint

Maj. Gen. Alfred Valenzuela (Ret); Hall of Honor

Leonard B. Rodriguez


Non-Board Members

We need new members to serve on committees (headed by a Director) and at our fundraising events, attend membership meetings as may be called by the Board of Directors (including the annual membership meeting in January), pay annual dues in January (although no dues are required until the first January), and participate in other HSFE functions.  For a complete description of membership and other policies, consult the HSFE By-Laws.

Visit the CONTACT page for instructions on initiating a request to join our organization.


In Memoriam

Mary Rose Cardenas; Hall of Honor

Willie Crafts; Hall of Honor, charter member

Paul Elizondo; Hall of Honor

BG Belisario Flores; Hall of Honor

Rode Gonzalez; Hall of Honor, charter member

Barbie Hernandez

Jose Mendoza Lopez; Hall of Honor

Roland Lopez; Hall of Honor, charter member

Gabriel Rivera; Hall of Honor

Jesse Trevino; Hall of Honor

Rita Vidaurri; Hall of Honor

Danny Villanueva, Hall of Honor


Charter Members

Cecil Lara; Hall of Honor

Ed Ramirez

Robert Zamora; Hall of Honor