National Hispanic Heritage Hall of Honor

NHHHHLogoFinalColor(LowRes)The National Hispanic Heritage Hall of Honor recognizes outstanding Hispanic leaders who have established a record of achievement and excellence in Education, Athletics, Business, Public Service, Military Service and Arts & Entertainment. The Special Recognition category has multiple uses, the most common being to honor a non-Hispanic individual who has shown extraordinary dedication in the inspiration and support of young Hispanics.

All of our honorees present stellar role models for aspiring young Hispanics. Working with our Speaker’s Bureau and informal mentoring programs, our honorees commit to inspiring students to believe in themselves and strive for personal achievement. We emphasize that academic success is a path to leadership that should be used in service to the community. Our honorees are shining examples of the possibilities and power of success.

We are working on adding photos and bios from those inducted before 2009. For now we are listing them in alphabetical order below:

Alfredo Avila                              Athletics
Caesar Agustus Cano               Athletics
Inocencio Cantu                        Athletics
Victor Castillo                            Athletics
Bobby Cavazos                          Athletics

Joe Cortez                                   Athletics
Robert Cortez                             Athletics
Willie Crafts                                Athletics
Ms. Dora Alaniz Garza             Athletics
Dr. Jaime Garza                        Athletics

Tony Garza                                 Athletics
Rodemiro B. Gonzales              Athletics
Roberto Gonzalez                      Athletics
Margarito Guerrero                  Athletics
Ms. Emma Hernandez             Arts & Entertainment

BG Juan F. Herrera                  Military Service
John Hines                                 Special Recognition
Jose Mendoza Lopez                Military Service
Roland Lopez                             Athletics
Dr. Tessa Martinez-Pollack     Education

Richard Menchaca                    Athletics
Richard Ochoa                           Athletics
Ines Perez                                   Athletics
Jose Reyna                                 Athletics
Gabriel Rivera                           Athletics

Hector A. Rodriguez                Athletics
Roberto X. Rodriguez              Athletics
Dr. Victor Rodriguez               Athletics
Robert Romo                            Business
Ms. Guadalupe Ruiz                Athletics

Sam Sanchez Jr.                        Athletics
Jesse Trevino                             Arts & Entertainment
Danny Villanueva                     Athletics
Primo Villanueva                       Athletics
Robert Zamora                           Athletics