Hall of Honor

National Hispanic Heritage Hall of Honor

NHHHHLogoFinalColor(LowRes)The National Hispanic Heritage Hall of Honor recognizes outstanding Hispanic leaders who have established a record of achievement and excellence in Education, Athletics, Business, Public Service, Military Service, and Arts & Entertainment. The Special Recognition category has multiple uses, the most common being to honor a non-Hispanic individual who has shown extraordinary dedication in the inspiration and support of young Hispanics.

All of our honorees present stellar role models for aspiring young Hispanics. Working with our Speaker’s Bureau and informal mentoring programs, our honorees commit to inspiring students to believe in themselves and strive for personal achievement. We emphasize that academic success is a path to leadership that should be used in service to the community. Our honorees are shining examples of the possibilities and power of success.


In mid-December 2020 we solicited donations from members of the Hall of Honor to pay for the 2021 spring semester portion of 20 scholarships. We had committed to those scholarships before Covid-19. Since we had to cancel the 2020 banquet (due to Covid-19), we paid for the 2020 fall semester portion from our reserve funds. We had hoped to have a fundraiser in the fall of 2020 to pay for the remainder of the scholarships, but that was not possible due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Between 22 December 2020 and 1 February 2021, we collected a total of $6,793.90 from: Charlie Barrett, Jr.; Mrs. Rudy Bowles; Alex Briseno; The Honorable Henry Cisneros; Dr. Paul Garcia; Dr. Arnulfo Garza-Vale; The Honorable Charles Gonzalez; Rosemary Kowalski; The Honorable John Longoria; Roy Orozco; Col. Maria Tijerina; and an anonymous non-member. We used $5,000 of this amount and combined it with the last available portion of our reserves to fund the 2021 spring semester of the scholarships. The remaining $1, 793.90 was used for scholarships in the 2021-2022 school year.


We did not have any inductions into the Hall of Honor in 2020 nor 2021.