Our Heritage Comes from God, Family, Country
Honoring a Heritage of Leadership to Inspire and Invest In Youth

Our Purpose

The Hispanic Sports Foundation for Education invests in our youth through education and motivates aspiring students by acknowledging successful leaders who reflect the highest values of our heritage.

• We Promote Our Future: We provide scholarship assistance to advance lifelong learning, leadership and service to community.

• We Proclaim Our Leaders: We identify outstanding Hispanic men and women who demonstrate achievement in education, athletics, business, arts & entertainment, military, public service and special recognition. We honor these individuals in the National Hispanic Heritage Hall of Honor.

• We Project Our Heritage: Our National Hispanic Heritage Hall of Honor establishes a legacy of portraits and stories of remarkable lives. We organize face-to-face encounters between community leaders and students to impart the values of self-esteem, personal responsibility and higher education.

Our Mission

We come from a heritage of God, family, and country that calls us to motivate and empower the next generation.

Just as our forebears worked hard to build a better community for the future, we commit our leadership, resources, and efforts to finance scholarships, establish effective relationships with institutions of higher learning, and mentor youth.

The National Hispanic Heritage Hall of Honor recognizes those who have used educational opportunities and natural talent to achieve new horizons. We bring their stories to the classroom to inspire students.

We harness the power of sport – the discipline of conditioning, the synergy of teamwork, and the challenge of competition – to develop personal skills, self esteem, and integrity.

We are Hispanic-Americans, and believe that every child is worthy of encouragement, guidance, and support in his or her quest to lead and serve.

HSFE Membership

Leaders Dedicated to Supporting Young Scholars

HSFE welcomes inquiries by any individual interested in joining our organization. Our membership is committed to fostering a strong and capable influence in the community dedicated to the encouragement and support of aspiring youth. Our members pay annual dues, volunteer to serve at our fundraising events, attend membership meetings as may be called by the Board of Directors (including the annual membership meeting in January) and participate in HSFE functions. To become part of the Hispanic Sports Foundation for Education, you must be nominated by a current member in good standing and approved by the Board of Directors. If you complete a membership inquiry, it will be handed to a current member for follow-up. You will be contacted by that member and considered for nomination. For a complete description of membership and other policies, consult the HSFE By-Laws.

Current Members

Gilbert Arias, Board Secretary
Maria Antionetta Berriozabal
Alan Baxter
Rudy Bowles
Ino Cantu
Joe Cortez -President and Chairman, Board of Directors
Rene Farias
Angela Ferrer
Jerry Ferrer - Board Member at Large
Brig. Gen. Belisario Flores (Ret)
Dr. Ruben Gallegos
Dora Garza
Tony Garza
Dr. Arnulfo Garza-Vale
Jack L. Hank
William “Bill” Hickey
Marty Jonas
Freddy Jonas
Cecil Lara -Vice-President and Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors
Patricia Martinez
Ruben Martinez
Juan Xavier Olivo - Sergeant at Arms
Roy Orozco -Board Treasurer
Robert Rangel
Pete Ragus
Gabe Rivera
Dr. Victor Rodriguez
Kenneth Saks - Board Member at Large
Richard Silva
General Alfred Valenzuela

Posthumous Members
Willie Crafts
Rode Gonzalez
Barbie Hernandez
Roland Lopez