Scholarship Recipients

Aspiring Athletes, Committed Students

HSFE raises funds to provide scholarship assistance to aspiring students. We have provided opportunities primarily in two area – assistance to student athletes at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) and participants in Project STAY.  Occasionally, we consider requests from outside those two areas.

Athletes at Our Lady of the Lake University

Our Lady of the Lake University is a small, Catholic university founded in 1895 by the Congregation of Divine Providence. The school has always been committed to helping students develop their full potential. In 2007, OLLU started an NAIA competitive athletics program, and HSFE has helped with scholarships for student athletes. During 2009-2018 we granted  partial athletic scholarships to 102 students; over half of these recipients were Hispanic.  In 2020 we granted 10, and in 2021 we granted 3.  In 2022 we have granted three, thanks to the generosity of the Board of Directors.

“HSFE is a true friend and ally in the education of our students.” –Dr. Tessa Martinez-Pollack, President, OLLU, 2002-2013

“HSFE has a truly noble mission. Our students have been blessed by the friendship of the HSFE board. They are the best of our community. Thank you HSFE, you make our community better.”–Dr. Diane E. Melby, President, OLLU, 2015-2022

Project STAY: Finding Scholars and Helping them Stay on Track

Project STAY, Inc. is a Department of Education-funded organization with an Education Talent Search program that works with high school students to guide them on a college path that includes a rigorous academic curriculum. Project STAY encourages college-bound students to apply for scholarships, including HSFE scholarships. Project STAY provides us those applications that qualify for our scholarship. We are proud to offer these under-privileged youth a hand up to help them realize their true calling, pursue a college degree, and go on to lead and serve; the vast majority of these winners are Hispanic. We have provided 133 scholarships as of 2019. In 2020 we provided 10; prior to the pandemic we committed to an additional semester (for the fall of 2021), and we found the funding.  In 2021 we granted 7 two-semester scholarships.  In 2022 we have granted six two-semester scholarships, thanks to the generosity of that same Board of Directors.

2022 Scholarship Recipients

Merab Andrade-Trejo    Lanier High School
Daniel Gonzalez               Kennedy High School
Nikolas Lara                     McCollum High School
Alahnna Limones             Roosevelt High School          golf
Demauria Miles*               Hebron High School             basketball
Lorena Ramirez                Banquete High School          basketball
Dariana Morales Reyes   Brackenridge High School
Annabelle Reyna               Burbank High School            golf
Divine Watson                   Sam Houston High School
Prisilla Ybarra                    STEM Early College


2021 Scholarship Recipients

Jacqueline Baldazo                         Burbank High School             dance
Kayla Baltazar                                  Memorial High School
Jayson L. DeLeon                            Brackenridge High School
Justin Gallegos                                 McCollum High School
Sidney Katherine Haley                  Memorial High School
Jonathan Martinez                          Burbank High School
Marco Antonio Ramos                    STEM Early College
Angelina Santos                               McCollum High School
Skyla St. Clair                                    Jefferson High School           volleyball
Stephanea Valles                             El Dorado High School           soccer

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Alberto Arias                     Memorial High School
Sadie Ballesteros               Southwest High School            volleyball
Miguel Barrera                  Holmes High School                  soccer
Michael Carreon                Jefferson High School
Sebastian Castellanos       Highlands High School
Celeste Delgado                  Kennedy High School
Rozelle Escobedo               McCollum High School
Diego Garcia                       (international transfer–Mexico)    golf
Maddison Gutierrez          Burbank High School
Tiffany Lopez                      Memorial High School               basketball
Alex Martinez                      Fox Tech High School
Francisco Martinez            South San High School              baseball
Issac Perez                           Brackenridge High School
Kelly Salinas                        United High School (Laredo, TX)    softball
Angeline Sanchez               Steele High School                            basketball
Maya Sarate                         Advance Learning Center
Mark Saucedo                      Lanier High School
David Tellez                          Del Rio High School (Del Rio, TX)     soccer
Natalia Trevino                    United High School (Laredo, TX)       basketball
Christopher Zepeda            Cypress High School (Houston, TX)   soccer

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Fabiola Cadena            McCollum High School
Karen Cantero              Burbank High School
Alexa Estrada                Brackenridge High School
Desirae Gonzalez          Kennedy High School
Sharina A. Martinez     Burbank High School
Magna L. Morales         South San High School
Montserrat Moreno      Advanced Learning Academy
Gabriela Rodriguez       Harlandale High School
Heaven Rubio                 McCollum High School
Victoria Tello                  McCollum High School

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Noelia Aguinaga                        S.T.E.M. Early College
Lilliana Briseno                         East Central High School
John Anthony Castaneda        Harlandale High School
Christian Nate Degollado       Jefferson High School
Deborah Fuentes                      South San High School
Kaila Gonzalez                          Sam Houston High School
Raul Alberto Gutierrez            Reagan High School
Daniel Thomas Jones             Comfort High School
Nicole Kassis                             Johnson High School
Matthew Klar                           Marshall High School
Norberto Lira                           MacArthur High School
Ashley Maldonado                  Cigarroa High School (Laredo, TX)
Jacob Montejano                     Brandeis High School
Sophia Mora                             Incarnate Word High School
Raphael Alejandro Omana   Johnson High School
Julieta Pedraza                       Kennedy High School
Martin Rios                             McCollum High School
Star Romero                            Lanier High School
Disiree Thomas                      Highlands High School
Angelica Vasquez                    Fox Tech High School

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Brenda Campbell     Burbank High School
Sasha Cisneros         Fox Tech High School
Jorge Collazo            Johnson High School
Ashley de la Cruz     Highlands High School
Mariah Duran           Brackenridge High School
Amanda Esparza      Southside High School
Mikhayla Flores        Highlands High School
Ricardo Gallegos       Kennedy High School
Monique Gonzalez    South San High School
Jonah Guajardo         O’Connor High School
Olivia Harolds            Katy Mayde Creek High School (Harris County, TX)
Cierra Martinez          St. Anthony High School
Phillip Medrano          O’Connor High School
Elizabeth Olivarez       Edinburg High School
Juan Ortiz                     Kennedy High School
Jacob Perez                   Highlands High School
Kevin Pourasef             Churchill High School
Gabe Quinones             MacArthur High School
Elvia Raya                     Edison High School
Jane Kayla Rico            McCollum High School
Destiny Riojas               Harlandale High School
Sabrina Ruiz                  McCollum High School
Jazmyne Steward         Sam Houston High School
Anissa Tamez                Incarnate Word High School
Jose Trevino                  Lanier High School
Alexis White                   George Ranch High School (Ford Bend County, TX)
Jesse Ybarra                   Memorial High School

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Elise Acosta                           Brennan High School
Joshua Bailey                        Madison High School
Giovanni Cardenas              Science Academy of South Texas
Esmeralda Coronado           Judson High School
Gerardo Daniels                    Johnson High School
Preston Elliott                       Churchill High School
Gerardo Gonzales                 Highlands High School
Mariel Guevara                     Edison High School
Marisol Mendoza                  Brackenridge High School
Perla Monsivais                     Lanier High School
Emily Paniagua                     McCollum High School
Dharti Patel                          Harlandale High School
Anyssa Rivera                        East Lake High School (El Paso, TX)
Jose Armando Rodriguez    South San Antonio High School
Daisy Rymers                        Kennedy High School
Cecilia Salazar                       Sam Houston High School
Kasey Saldana                       O’Connor High School
Breanna Walker                    Memorial High School
Lena Wilson                           Judson High School
C. Kane Ybarra                      Brandeis High School

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Patrick Bousselot                  Steele High School
Candice Bradshaw                homeschooled
Ruben Chapa                         Fox Tech High School
Brook Cousins                       Smithson Valley High school
Flor Davila                              Brackenridge High School
Christine Hernandez            Edison High School
Stevan Hinojosa                    Sharyland High School (Mission, TX)
Rafael Jauregui                      Jefferson High School
Alexis Macias                         East Central High School
Marcela Martinez                  Harlandale High School
Sophia Perez                           Antonian High School
Oscar Plascencia                    John Jay High School
Merrick Ramos                      O’Connor High School
Erica Robertson                    Brandeis High School
Destiny Rodriguez                South San Antonio High School
Jonathan Rodriguez             McCollum High School
Michael Rodriguez                Burbank High School
Jonathan Rosales                  Jefferson High School
Brenda Urbina                       Lanier High School
Valeria Villa                            Memorial High School

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Student School
Aragon, Maria Harlandale High School
Bermea, Denisse South San High School
Carlton, Dy’mon Sam Houston High School
Gonzalez, Joseph D. Burbank High School
Ibarra, Joseph M. Fox Tech High School
Jalomo, Stephanie Memorial High School
Lopez, Anthony Highlands High School
Ortega, Sabina Brackenridge High School
Rendon, Israel Lanier High School
Rodriguez, Diana Jefferson High School
Rodriguez, Javier McCollum High School
Ruiz, Jeanette Edison High School
Vallejo, Natalie Kennedy High School
Berrigan, Ian O’Connor High School
Brown, Shameka Judson High School
Hernandez, Juan Southwest High School
Lambarida, Jaclyn O’Connor High School
Malinovsky, Nathan New Braunfels High School
Martinez, John MacArthur High School
Martinez, Leslie O’Connor High School
Ramsey, Amber Canyon Lake High School
Rendon, Julia Stevens High School
Ruiz, Enrique III Brandeis High School
Sanchez, Amanda O’Connor High School
Schriedel, Chris O’Connor High School

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Christopher M. Calvillo Burbak High School
Louren Contreras South San High School
Brandon Estrada Highlands High School
Mercedes Garcia Brackenridge High School
Emily Garza Memorial High School
Ashly Medina Fox Tech High School
Joseph Rios Jr. John F. Kennedy High School
Genevieve Soto Harlandale High School
Joshua M. Luera Thomas Jefferson High School
Jesse Z. Torres Sidney Lanier High School
Arocha, Katrisha Southwest High School
Bustamante, Briana Incarnate Word High School
Figueroa, Andrea New Braunfels High School
Haerens, Chris New Braunfels High School
Holguin, Jerold Clark High School
Martinez, Carlos Martin High School (Laredo)
Meia, Rachel Cypress Ranch High School
Solis, Janelle Southwest High School
Wallace, Cody Steele High School
Wilborn, Alexandra Holmes High School

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Adam Balboa South San Antonio Biology/Pre-Med UTSA & UTHSC
Alyssa Browne Brandeis  OLLU
Destiny Cazares Fox Tech  Bilingual Education  OLLU
Alexandria Cruz La Vernia  OLLU
Alex Diehl Judson  OLLU
Frank Espinoza Harlandale Biochemistry UT Austin
Kyle W. Grady Edison Computer Engineering UTSA
Ciara Hill Highlands Nursing UIW
E.J. Hubbard Judson  OLLU
Marianna Hurtado Madison  OLLU
Andrew Juarez Brackenridge International Studies UT Austin
Claire LaHue La vernia OLLU
Estanislado Martinez Carrizo Springs OLLU
Jeanette Parra Brackenridge Biology Hamilton College NY
Jessica Hill Rodriguez Thomas Jefferson Nursing UTSA
San Juanita Rodriguez Lanier Business Administation Harvard
Juan Salazar Kennedy Engineering Texas A&M

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Burtone, Brianna Clark
Ybarra, Steven O’Connor
Chapa, Marcelo Southwest
Palacios, Jacob Clark
Checotah, Christina O’Connor
Cisneros, Arlene O’Connor
Putney, Brittany Antonian
Willoughby, Bryttany Stevens
Zanketti, Lauren Comfort
Duque, David Burbank
Ximenez. Ruby  Pleasanton
Hernandez, Fatima Lanier Medicine
Cruz, Roland Harlandale Medicine
Garcia, Laura Jefferson Nursing
Claros, Clara Fox Tech Nursing
Gomez, Magaly Memorial Agribusiness
Cirilo, Prestyn Highlands Enginering
Hudson, Taylor Harlandale Kinesiology
Valdez, Alec Burbank Education
Casiano, Abigail South San Pharmacy
Ocampo, Socorro Ann South San Communication Science


2010 Scholarship Recipients

Kotson, Tyler Tivy
Cooper, Leslie Holmes
Cravens, Mark Stevens
Kindred, Nichole MacArthur
Zurek, Cody Clark
Stubbs, Maretta John Jay
Moreno, Joel Highlands
Matthews, Marquisha Marshall
Garza, Nick Southwest
Otis, Brianna East Central
Dewitt, Mark Jefferson
Ehilich, Julianne Jefferson
Galvan, Mercedes South San
Garza, Miguel Lanier
Guadarrama, Franco Highlands
Hernandez, Tania Burbank
Hidalgo, Lorie Kennedy
Neri, Abel Neri Jr. Lanier
Reyes, Ashley Danielle Harlandale
Reyes, Kevin Memorial

2009 Scholarship Recipients

Carmona, Albert            Harlandale High School
Castro, Chrystal             Kennedy High School
Elizalde. Ashley              Churchill High School
Espinosa, Alice               Fox Tech High School
Flores, Aaron                  Holy Cross High School
Fraga, Norma                 Reagan High School
Franklin, William           Sam Houston High School
Gage, Donovan               Steele High School
Guerrero, Benjamin      Jefferson High School
Harlow, Kim                   Champion High School
Lozano, Amanda            O’Connor High School
Martinez, Claudia          Fox Tech High School
Ortiz, Juan                      Wagner High School
Trejo, Mario                    Burbank High School
Villanueva, Jonathan     Lanier High School
Zamora, Michele            Highlands High School

2008 Scholarship Recipients

Arredondo, Jorge Harlandale
Romo, Teresa Brackenridge
Rodriguez, Isaac Southwest Campus
Orosco, Jessica Jefferson
Cegueda, Hector Fox Tech
Atilano, Laura Edison
Trejo, Amanda South San
Garcia, Christopher Memorial


2007 Scholarship Recipients

DeLeon, Amber                 Edison High School
Estrada, Alek                      Brackenridge High School
Hernandez, Samantha      Harlandale High School
Macias, Jonathan               Highlands High School
Pacheco, Melanie               Lanier High School
Rodriguez, Stephen           South San Antonio High School (West Campus)
Torres, Valerie                    Jefferson High School


2006 Scholarship Recipients

Anaya, Antonio                    Burbank High School
Gaitan, Cristina                    Fox Tech High School
Pizana, Anthony                   South San Antonio High School
Ventura, Gilbert                   McCollum High School