Words from our Scholars


Below is a sampling of feedback from scholarship recipients, reflecting the variety of needs that our scholarships satisfy. Each comment follows the year in which we provided the scholarship.


Demauria Miles (Hebron High School; Schreiner University): “Thank you so much! That was an amazingly nice thing you did. I want to tell you again how much the scholarship means to me. It has been a blessing to me and my family.” August 2022


Alex Martinez (Fox Tech High School): “Not only does this scholarship help me financially with my education but it helps me mentally because being chosen as a recipient of this scholarship and others show me that other people/foundations believe in me, and I will not let them down.” Jan 2021


Gariela Rodriguez (Harlandale High School): “So far my college experience has been quite overwhelming with homework, essays and tests, but there are no worries towards financial assistance due to the foundation’s generosity…Clearly you all saw something within me and I want to do all that I can to make the foundation proud.” September 2019

Karen Cantero (Burbank High School; University of Texas at San Antonio): “I am getting closer to achieving my childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian thanks to you in contributing to pay for my education. I thank you once more for the chance you have given me.” October 2019


Ricardo Gallegos, Jr. (Kennedy High School; Northwest Vista College): “I had the most wonderful time at the banquet getting to meet this year’s inductees…I will take their advice to heart and continue striving for an education…I plan to continue serving my Edgewood ISD community with volunteer hours.” October 2017

Ashley Delacruz (Highlands High School): “The scholarship money helped me obtain the books that I was required to get for my classes. I was also allowed to buy the school material that I needed.” January 2018


Daisy Rymers (Kennedy High School; Texas State University): “I had to pay for ACC [Austin Community College] out of pocket and that is when your scholarship came in handy…and I am proud that I have successfully completed the pathway program and this fall I will be a fulltime Texas State student.” June 2017


Marcela Martinez (Harlandale High School; Palo Alto College): “My first semester was an eye opener and I saw all the potential in myself that I didn’t know I had…My education class brings me happiness and pure joy getting closer and closer to my career goals of becoming an elementary teacher/coach.” February 2016


Javier Rodriguez (McCollum High School; Texas State University): “Mr. Cortez, you helped me reach one of my biggest goals, and I can’t say thank you enough. I am the first member of my family to go to college, and you helped me get there.” April 2015


Mark DeWitt (Jefferson High School; Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2014): “I wish to thank you for your generous contribution to my education so many years ago…as I approach this new and exciting endeavor of Graduate School.” June 2015

Lorie Hidalgo (Kennedy High School): “Listening to the speeches of the Hall of Honor inductees was very inspiring.” HSFE brochure from 2011